Empowering Innovation: ProtaGene’s Analytical Solutions Amid Market Flux

The biopharmaceutical industry is continuing to find its footing after the tumultuous pandemic years. During the pandemic, we saw a significant increase in outsourcing analytical testing and product characterization services to meet urgent demands and restrictions on lab operating procedures due to social distancing requirements.

However, as we observe today’s market, we’re seeing increased analytical services outsourcing for different reasons— increased demand for efficiency of budget usage in the current market.

Drug developers face a complex and difficult-to-predict journey, so they must prioritize their resources to meet pipeline and commercialization objectives while acknowledging resource constraints. To avoid over- or under-resourcing their analytical departments, innovator teams are turning to ProtaGene. We are a collaborative analytical partner that can seamlessly integrate with our clients’ in-house analytical teams, allowing rapid scale-up or scale-down of analytical resources.

Confidence. Flexibility. Cost Efficiency.

Ultimately, our clients are buying confidence, flexibility, cost-efficiency, and our ability to augment their internal team. Our comprehensive service offering provides a large toolbox, allowing us to help take an innovator’s program where it needs to go, accelerate the path to market, and enable internal teams to focus on the most value-creating work.

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